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Erdogan threw Trump's 'don't be a fool' letter in the trash, sources claim

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan had a simple response to President Trump’s Oct. 9 letter warning him against taking action along the Syrian border: He threw it “in the bin.”Sources to Erdogan confirmed to the BBC Thursday that the Turkish strongman “thoroughly rejected” the letter in which Trump threatened to “[destroy] the Turkish economy” if he took military action in Syria following his announcement several days earlier to withdraw all U.S. troops from the northeast of Syria. Erdogan reportedly took the letter warning against being a “fool” and tossed it “in the bin,” the sources said. TRUMP WARNS ERDOGAN IN LETTER: \'DON\'T BE A TOUGH GUY. DON\'T BE A FOOL\' The letter, first obtained by Fox Business Network, came the same day Erdogan launched a Turkish military offensive into Syria, claiming it wanted to \"neutralize terror threats\" and establish a \"safe zone.\" Turkish forces last Wednesday carried out airstrikes and later ann
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