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The Starbucks app in Microsoft Teams—a new way to show appreciation for your colleagues this holiday...

The new Starbucks app makes it easy to treat your colleagues to coffee by sending a Starbucks eGift within Microsoft Teams this holiday season and beyond, plus new backgrounds from Starbucks to add holiday cheer to your meetings.
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I’m always inspired to see how our customers use Microsoft Teams daily to stay productive and connected as a team. As many of us continue to work remotely, in-person coffee catch-ups, casual connections, and mentor sessions have moved to Microsoft Teams.

For this reason, I couldn’t be more excited to introduce a new app from our partners at Starbucks—the Starbucks app in Microsoft Teams. Now available in the US, the app allows you to share the joy of a Starbucks beverage, pastry, sandwich, and more—by sending a personalized Starbucks eGift right within a Microsoft Teams chat. Whether it’s a holiday gift, or you’d just like to show appreciation for work well-done, Starbucks eGift cards in Teams are a simple way to recognize your teammates.

This app is the result of a long-term partnership between the two companies, and collaboration between Starbucks Technology and Microsoft. To bring this new gifting experience to life, Starbucks Technology built the app and secured Microsoft’s vetting and integration.

And this new way to give the gift of Starbucks on Microsoft Teams is part of the evolution of the Starbucks Card, which marked an exciting milestone this month—20 years and 1,100 designs of the Starbucks Card.

Screenshot of sharing Starbucks eGift card via Microsoft Teams
Getting started with the Starbucks app in Microsoft Teams

Using the new Starbucks app in Microsoft Teams, you can give a Starbucks eGift card to your colleagues and team members right from Teams.

  1. To get started, click this link to download the Starbucks app to Microsoft Teams.
  2. Sign in to your Starbucks® Rewards account (or create one).
  3. Click the Starbucks Icon in the New Conversation section of a Microsoft Teams chat or channel.
  4. Select a card design and gift amount (from $5 to $100) with a personalized message.
Spread holiday cheer with holiday Teams backgrounds from Starbucks

Last week, we released a set of new holiday-themed Together mode scenes and custom backgrounds in Microsoft Teams, plus tips for hosting a virtual holiday party. Today, we’re sharing another curated set of custom backgrounds designed by Starbucks and compatible with Teams that give you even more options to commemorate the holidays with your colleagues in Teams. Backgrounds include your favorite Starbucks holiday cups, plus a variety of scenes including a cozy Starbucks moment at home, a snowy Starbucks store setting, and more.

To add a new custom background, simply download the backgrounds you like. Then, while you’re setting up your video and audio before joining a meeting, select Background effects, click Add new, and then select a background to upload from your computer. More detailed guidance here.

The Starbucks app is one of hundreds of other apps in the Microsoft Teams store that helps you with everything from project management and polling your team, to quick approvals of expense sheets, purchase orders, and more. Learn more here.

I hope you enjoy giving your teammates their favorite Starbucks beverage in Microsoft Teams this holiday season and beyond, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on the new experience. Cheers!

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