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My Secret, Terrius, a NETFLIX drama that 'predicted' CORONAVIRUS outbreak back in 2018

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My Secret, Terrius: Netflix drama \'predicted\' coronavirus outbreak back in 2018 - watch
MY SECRET, TERRIUS has taken the internet by storm as Netflix subscribers have spotted a key scene in episode 10 which appeared to pre-empt the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Netflix is no stranger to bringing series from all corners of the globe to subscribers across the planet. My Secret, Terrius is no different as the South Korean drama is currently available for fans to stream in the UK and the USA. While it may not be a household title, the series began trending on social media this week as fans spotted an eery scene featuring coronavirus.
My Secret, Terrius\' synopsis from Netflix reads: \"A secret agent who detaches himself from the world after a failed operation tries to unravel the
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