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How, When and Where to See Jupiter and Saturn Aligned, a Phenomenon That Has Not Happened for 400 Years

The conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn is an event that had not been witnessed since the Middle Ages and remains to be seen soon.

The conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn is an event that had not been witnessed since the Middle Ages and remains to be seen soon.

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December 17, 2020 3 min read

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  • NASA explains that both stars are very bright, so if the sky is clear they can be observed despite the light pollution.

The two largest planets in the solar system , Jupiter and Saturn , are progressively aligning. At dusk on December 21, one of the most impressive astronomical events of the year will be observed in the sky.In this phenomenon you can witness the union of both planets, forming a kind of double planet.

This Tuesday, NASA has published an image in which the two stars are shown very close to each other, a few days after they join in the phenomenon known as ' the great conjunction'.

It will be until December 21 that Jupiter is seen as a bright and easily appreciated star, while Saturn will have a slightly weaker brightness and located slightly higher and on the left side of Jupiter.

NASA explains that both stars are very bright , so if the sky is clear they can be observed despite the light pollution.

Image: @NASA

Have passedAlmost 400 years since Jupiter and Saturn were so close to each other, and approximately 800 years since the phenomenon takes place at night, this will make it visible in almost every part of the world. It is important to note that these two planets are in that position every two decades, but the 2020 meeting is very extraordinary, according to what NASA indicates.

It is worth mentioning that the approach of the two planets is a matter of perspective, since these stars are actually hundreds of millions of kilometers away.

Where can I watch it?

No matter where you are, the great conjunction will be witnessed in many places on Earth by the time the sun goes down. However, it will be better observed the closer you are to the Equator, because it will last longer.

It should be remembered that, like all astronomical events, its visibility will depend on the meteorological conditions, that is, it does not rain and the sky is clear.

Due to its luminosity it will be possible to see them without binoculars or telescope, you have to look to the west , however, you must do it from a clear location either on top of a building or in a park, avoiding objects that obstruct the view and must exist little light pollution.

In case you have a small telescope or binoculars, these will help you observe the four largest moons of Jupiter as they travel around the star.

You can not lose this! Unless you want to wait until 20 years from now, specifically October 31, 2040, which is when this great event is expected to repeat itself.

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