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Steve Ewen: Reilly resolution could aid Lions in bringing back Burnham

Quarterback Mike Reilly's contract is cleared up and, from the sounds of it, working out a deal with Bryan Burnham may be a little easier.
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TSN’s Farhan Lalji tweeted that Reilly was due $725,000 and $750,000 for 2021 and 2022 in his original deal and that “when you factor in the grievance and the net tax effect of his large signing bonus he will actually come out ahead for those 2 years,” and that he “will get over $600K before he plays his next game.”

According to Lalji, Reilly will receive $525,000 in 2021, including a signing bonus of over $350,000. He’s slated to receive $575,000 in 2022 and he gets that $250,000 bonus that was in question.

“I knew that things were going to get worked out,” Reilly said on the video call. “And the reason that I knew that was that I knew I wanted to be here and I feel like that feeling is mutual between the club and myself.”

Ed Hervey, the general manager who inked the initial Reilly contract with B.C., resigned from the Lions on Oct. 16, citing personal reasons. News of Reilly’s contract issues broke soon after that.

Reilly was asked Thursday if Hervey parting ways with the Lions was tied to the contract.

“I honestly can’t speak to you about that. That’s between Ed and the B.C. Lions,” said Reilly, who also had Hervey as his general manager in Edmonton. “I won’t speculate. I know everybody has their speculation of how and why and this and that. I actually haven’t had a chance to speak with Ed, to talk with him, to find out all the reasons.

“I do know that Ed, for awhile, was dealing with some challenging things that didn’t have anything to do with football. The only thing that I hope — again, Ed means a ton to me personally and not just football wise — is that whatever he does he’s healthy and he’s able to enjoy whatever he’s going to be focused on.”

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