Angelina Jolie Got a Dainty New Tattoo Smack Dab On the Middle of ...

17 Jun 2024
Angelina Jolie

When Angelina Jolie stepped onto the red carpet at the Tony Awards on June 16, there was something new and notable about her appearance. No, it wasn't her hair color; she's been experimenting with soft blonde ombré for awhile. It wasn't her lipstick or a fresh hair cut. It was a brand new tattoo, right smack in the center of her chest.

Jolie is famous for her ever-expanding lineup of body art. The Oscar winner has tons of tattoos, including finger tats and an ode to her Broadway musical, The Outsiders, which won the coveted Best Musical trophy at the ceremony. (Jolie produced the show.) Now, it seems Jolie has added a small swallow design to her collection, with the little bird taking flight right at the base of her sternum.

If you were imagining a giant, chest-spanning design, think again! Jolie's latest ink is much more delicate and dainty, no more than two inches high. The bird is drawn with intricate black strokes and zero color, wings lifted in flight as though it was taking off toward her left ear.

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Jolie wore her warm, honey-blonde hair long and loose over one shoulder and stuck to soft, peachy tones on her cheeks, eyes, and lips, a pretty contrast to her dramatic teal velvet Grecian gown and matching wrap. (Her daughter, Vivienne, who attended the show with her mom, wore a suit in the same shade.) Jolie's black eye liner was subtly smudged out at the outer corners for just a hint of smokiness and she wore the most minimal touch of color on her lips, letting the dress and the new ink be the centerpiece of her red carpet moment.

Though the tattoo could be a faux design applied solely for the Tony Awards, we have a feeling it's probably going to stick around. The swallow is a classic tattoo design—just ask Harry Styles!—and given that there are meaningful stories behind all of Jolie's ink, there's definitely something behind the bird design. We're hoping she shares more about it ASAP.

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