Al Nassr vs Abha live score, updates, highlights, as Cristiano ...

18 Mar 2023
Al Nassr vs Abha live score, updates, highlights, as Cristiano ...
Cristiano Ronaldo's Al Nassr side needs a victory against Abha on Saturday to move back to within a point of Saudi Pro League leaders Al Ittihad, ...

Cristiano Ronaldo and Al Nassr are in must-win territory in their chase for the Saudi Pro League title when they welcome Abha on Saturday.

A victory by league leaders Al Ittihad has left Al Nassr needing a win of their own against Abha to stay within a point of their rivals with nine matches remaining in the season after this weekend.

Al Nassr defeated Abha 3-1 just four days prior in a King Cup quarter final match, with superstar forward Ronaldo going 87 minutes but failing to score for a third straight match as the pressure continues to grow for his new club to win a trophy in his first season.

Abha are battling relegation and will be content with any point from this contest after looking significantly inferior in midweek, allowing Al Nassr a goal within the first minute of play. They'll need a stronger start to have any hope in this match.

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Al Nassr vs Abha live score   1H 2H Final Al Nassr 0 2 Abha 1 0

ABHA — Adam (Bguir) — 26th min.
NASSR — Cristiano Ronaldo — 78th min. NASSR — Talisca (penalty) — 86th min.


Al Nassr (4-3-3): 44-Nawaf Alaqidi (GK) — 2-Sultan Al-Ghanam, 5-Alamri, 21-Alvaro Gonzalez, 13-Konan — 8-Alsulaihem (16-Maran, 46'), 18-Luiz Gustavo, 17-Alkhaibari (19-Alhassan, 65')— 94-Talisca, 7-Ronaldo, 29-Ghareeb

Abha (4-2-3-1): 16-Devis Epassy (GK) — 39-Al Hamsal, 19-Attouchi, 4-Natiq, 3-Al-Zori — 21-Al Sudani, 34- Saddiki — 9-Fattah Adam, 10-Bguir, 88-Al-Salouli — 20-Felipe Caicedo

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Al Nassr vs Abha live updates, highlights from Saudi Pro League

90th min.: There are 12 minutes of added time that have been given. What a turnaround by Al Nassr.

86th min.: Penalty Al Nassr! It's all coming crashing down for Abha. VAR makes the referee look at the hand ball by Abha's Adam (the Al Nassr loanee). And Talisca converts it. Al Nassr have turned this around!

د86’ الهدف الثاني لـ #النصر عن طريق تاليسكا
النصر 2 × 1 أبها#النصر_أبها | #SSC

— شركة الرياضة السعودية SSC (@ssc_sports) March 18, 2023

80th min.: Red card to Abha! It's Al Sudani who gets the second yellow.

زكريا سامي.. بطاقة حمراء للاعب #أبها????#النصر_أبها | #SSC

— شركة الرياضة السعودية SSC (@ssc_sports) March 18, 2023

78th min.: Goal Al Nassr! It's Cristiano Ronaldo with a free-kick rocket from distance that goes through the wall and beats Abha's Cameroonian 'keeper. The goal came moments after Ronaldo missed connecting on a header at the doorstep.

د78’ هدف التعادل لـ #النصر عن طريق كريستيانو رونالدو
النصر 1 × 1 أبها#النصر_أبها | #SSC

— شركة الرياضة السعودية SSC (@ssc_sports) March 18, 2023

76th min.: Chance Abha! It's Adam with the great move but he can't finish it.

إثارة في مرسول بارك????️
هجمة هُنا.. هجمة هناك????#النصر_أبها | #SSC

— شركة الرياضة السعودية SSC (@ssc_sports) March 18, 2023

69th min.: Chance Al Nassr! The ball rotates among the Al Nassr attackers before it ends at Cristiano Ronaldo in the box. But his footwork doesn't get him enough space and his shot is blocked by Natiq once more. He's been excellent today.

65th min.: SUB Al Nassr. Al-Khaibari is off and Ali Alhassan is on. That's a like-for-like swap.

60th min.: The Al Nassr attacking impetus is fizzling out in recent minutes.

53rd min.: Chance Al Nassr! The ball ends up at the feet of Ghareeb on the left side and his point-blank shot is saved by Abha goalkeeper Devis Epassy. The Cameroonian 'keeper should great reflexes. There's a bit more urgency in Al Nassr's play.

غريب ينفرد.. إيباسي يتصدى????#النصر_أبها | #SSC

— شركة الرياضة السعودية SSC (@ssc_sports) March 18, 2023

46th min.: Chance Al Nassr! Just seconds after kicking off the second half Talisca unleashes a flying scissors kick which bounces just wide of the left post. That was close from Al Nassr to start the half.

تاليسكا؛ مقصية بداية الشوط بمحاذاة القائم????#النصر_أبها | #SSC

— شركة الرياضة السعودية SSC (@ssc_sports) March 18, 2023 Halftime: Al Nassr 0-1 Abha

Halftime: It was a disappointing first half from Al Nassr and they didn't create nearly enough. Cristiano Ronaldo has been slow and there's generally little teamwork or combination in attack with Ghareeb, Ronaldo, and Talisca all trying to do things on their own. There's little chemistry for the men in yellow.

Meanwhile, Abha have shown solid teamwork. They're defending as a team — including the wingers — and they got a goal from the promising Fattah Adam, who refused to celebrate given he scored against his parent club. The Abha front four can cause issues in transition. In fact, it looks more likely that Abha go 2-0 up than Al Nassr equalise.

45th min.: Five minutes of stoppage time. It's been orderly defending by Abha. They're looking to take a lead into the lockers.

37th min.: Chance Al Nassr! It's Ghareeb who fires from distance and it's deflected for a corner. But the Al Nassr chances are not making the goalkeeper work so far.

ذكية من غريب????#النصر_أبها | #SSC

— شركة الرياضة السعودية SSC (@ssc_sports) March 18, 2023

33rd min.: Yellow to Al Nassr's Al-Khaibari. The defensive midfielder hacks down Abha centre-forward Felipe Caicedo who was on the break. A deserved caution, and Abha are showing they are dangerous on the break. Al Nassr are just not inspired in attack.

26th min.: Goal for Abha! It's Abdulfattah Adam, who's on loan from Al Nassr, to score it. He sends a shot into the upper 90 that can't be stopped.

د25" تفاريس يفتتح أول أهداف اللقاء للرائد
الرائد 1 × 0 الشباب#الرائد_الشباب | #SSC

— شركة الرياضة السعودية SSC (@ssc_sports) March 18, 2023

18th min.: Ronaldo denied again! What another great play by Natiq with the sliding tackle in the box to stop Ronaldo who was 1-on-1 against the Abha goalkeeper.

سعد ناطق يستخلص ورونالدو???????? يحتج#النصر_أبها | #SSC

— شركة الرياضة السعودية SSC (@ssc_sports) March 18, 2023

14th min.: Excellent defensive play by Iraq international centre-back Natiq, who intercepts Cristiano Ronaldo in the Abha box. Clean, classing defensive intetrvention.

7th min.: Disallowed goal Abha! A set piece on goal is parried by Al Nassr's goalkeeper right at Abha centre-back Attouchi who bundles it home off the post.

But the VAR intervenes and Attouchi was offside when the free kick was taken. Goal erased. Good decision by the officials.

حكم المباراة يقرر إلغاء هدف #أبها الأول بداعي التسلل#النصر_أبها | #SSC

— شركة الرياضة السعودية SSC (@ssc_sports) March 18, 2023

1st min.: We're off. Abha with early possession in their maroon away jerseys.

1 min from kickoff: The two captains take the photos at midfield. It's Cristiano Ronaldo and Abha left-back Al Zori. 

2 mins from kickoff: Teams are out on the field and we're just about set to go.

30 mins from kickoff: Warmups underway at Mrsool Park in Riyadh.

???? لاعبو #النصر_أبها يجرون تدريبات الإحماء #دوري_روشن_السعودي

— صحيفة الرياضية (@ariyadhiah) March 18, 2023

And a touch of James Brown:

— عكاظ الرياضية (@Okaz_Sports) March 18, 2023

60 mins from kickoff: It'll be Felipe Caicedo (Abha) attempting to outduel Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nassr) in this league match.

???? || Starting lineup,@AlNassrFC vs #AbhaFC

— AlNassr FC (@AlNassrFC_EN) March 18, 2023

????️| قائمة #نادي_ابها الأساسية والإحتياطية في مباراة #النصر_ابها ضمن #دوري_روشن_السعودي

— نادي أبها السعودي (@abhaFC) March 18, 2023

120 mins from kickoff: Here's how it went down between these two teams just four days ago in their King Cup quarter final, which Al Nassr won comfortably:

— AlNassr FC (@AlNassrFC_EN) March 15, 2023 Al Nassr vs Abha lineups

More squad rotation from Rudi Garcia, who kept Talisca and Jaloliddin Masharipov on the bench and gave Luiz Gustavo a rest for the cup match. Two of the three start in a must-win game for Al Nassr, while captain Sami Al-Najei is out due to injury.

Al Nassr lineup (4-3-3):  44-Nawaf Alaqidi (GK) — 2-Sultan Al-Ghanam, 5-Alamri, 21-Alvaro Gonzalez, 13-Konan — 8-Alsulaihem, 18-Luiz Gustavo, 17-Alkhaibari — 94-Talisca, 7-Ronaldo, 29-Ghareeb

Al Nasssr subs (9): 22-Agustin Rossi (GK), 4-Mohammed Al-Fatil, 3-Abdullah Madu, 27-Majed Qasheesh, 19-Ali Alhassan, 12-Nawaf Boushal, 78-Ali Lajami, 77-Jaloliddin Masharipov, 16-Mohammed Maran

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Abha head coach Roel Coumans set up in a 3-4-3 that was more of a 3-6-1 in the midweek match and star striker Felipe Caicedo wasn't even in the squad. That changes for this league match with Abha just six points above the relegation zone.

Abha lineup (4-2-3-1): 16-Devis Epassy (GK) — 39-Saeed Al Hamsal, 19-Amine Attouchi, 4-Saad Natiq, 3-Abdullah Al-Zoari — 21-Zakaria Al Sudani, 34-Driess Saddiki — 9-Abdulfattah Adam, 10-Saad Bguir, 88-Saad Al-Salouli — 20-Felipe Caicedo

Abha subs (9): 33-Mansour Jawhar (GK), 12-Abdulrahman Al Bouq (GK), 31-Sari Amro, 13-Mohammed Al-Kunaydiri, 23-Nasser Al-Omran, 15-Mutair Al-Zahrani, 8-Uros Matic, 18-Nawaf Al-Sadi, 25-Abdrulrahman Al-Alawi

Al Nassr vs Abha live stream, TV channel

Local broadcasters in selected countries have acquired the rights to televise or stream the Saudi Pro League, while fans in other countries can subscribe to streaming platform Shahid for complete coverage.

According to LiveSoccerTV, the following networks are carrying Al Nassr's league matches: 

Australia: 10Play Caribbean: DirecTV Sports India & Asia: Sony LIV Malaysia: Astro Go Mexico: Claro Sports Saudi Arabia: SSC South America: DirecTV Sports

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  TV channel Streaming Australia — 10 Play Canada — Shahid Hong Kong — myTV Super India Sony TEN 2 Shahid, JioTV, SONY LIV Malaysia — Astro Go, sooka New Zealand — Shahid Singapore — Shahid UK — Shahid,
*Sky Sports YouTube channel USA — Shahid

*In the UK, Sky Sports have been showing most Saudi Pro League Al Nassr matches on their YouTube channel for free.

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