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Ted Cruz

All Aboard Ted Cruz’s Radical Left Express Train!!
  • All Aboard Ted Cruz’s Radical Left Express Train!!
  • Chris Cuomo's Ted Cruz Interview Gets Heated: 'I'm Raising My Voice to Match Your Own'
  • Chris Cuomo Reminds Ted Cruz Of That Time Trump Called His Wife Ugly
  • Watch Chris Cuomo’s heated interview with Ted Cruz
  • Chris Cuomo, Ted Cruz explode in off-the-rails CNN interview
  • More than 5,000 pets found dead in cardboard boxes at Chinese depot after being stranded for a week
  • New lockdown rules REJECTED by Middlesbrough Mayor saying ‘we will defy government’
  • Chris Cuomo defends Gov. Cuomo, rips Ted Cruz over Trump: ‘The one who said your wife was ugly!’
  • Ted Cruz, Public Health Hero?
  • GOP congressmen self-quarantine after contact with coronavirus patient
  • Ted Cruz self-quarantines after interaction with coronavirus patient
  • Senator Ted Cruz Self-Isolates After Shaking Hands With Someone Who Tested Positive For Covid-19
  • Coronavirus: Ted Cruz in self-isolation after shaking hands with man later diagnosed
  • Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Paul Gosar will self-quarantine after interacting with individual with coronavirus
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